Cheaters Always Lose


It grieves me that a section like this needs to exist but there are people who just don't know how to behave in public or interact with others and end up causing trouble for everyone. This page will grow as needed but I hope that it will remain short. 


For anyone who believes we were wrong to ban Rus and Ant, please read the following and listen to the video.

The following video contains a TeamSpeak recording of two people that have been banned from our servers. They weren't banned because of the video, they we banned for being extreme douche bags. There is some truth to what's being said but of course its twisted to suit their needs. 

Notable points in the vid, 4:00, 8:20, and 11:00 minute marks.

**Important item: Rus claims the server was stolen from him and he got ripped off. I refunded his money and some extra to make up for any PayPal loss so despite his claims, he wasn't ripped off. See below!

Rus's pure hatred of Lee and myself goes to the extreme and you need to ask yourself why. To me it's pretty clear, we know what kind of an psychopathic asshole he is and we won’t tolerate him so he hates us.

Rus, a.k.a. Pacman did pay for the server up front. I was leery because Rus is one of these people that can’t control their anger (just listen to the recording and it will be obvious this guy should never be put in control) and I already knew he was going to want admin rights even though he denied it up front. I got the server set up and within a day he was asking me to give him in game cash. I immediately refunded him the money he donated to get the server going. Simply put, a community game server needs to be run in a community's best interests, not the best interests of one or two individuals. You can clearly hear Rus say that he wanted "them" to have control and then there's mixed up talk about U4EA admins running the servers. Sorry kids, we don't let new people admin anything till we know we can trust them and here that strategy definitely paid off.

Ant, a.k.a. Tricky was constantly moaning and groaning, bitching about how long it was taking to get something added or if something he wanted wasn't going to be added he became worse than a belligerent child, not someone we want in any of our servers. He expected things to happen over night but acknowledges he's not smart enough to do any of this himself. His threatening to physically hurt Focus (which was heard by third parties) was so far out of line that he was asked to leave for a while, obviously, this hiatus wasn’t enough to make him reflect on the person he had become, at least not enough to make a permanent change. We won’t tolerate anyone threatening another member of our community.

Interestingly they talk about the complexity of getting a server running and obviously know they aren’t smart enough to do it themselves but they bitch about others who are actually willing to give it a go. Well step up guys, let’s see what you can do without hiring someone to do it for you! The three or four guys they talk about suggesting videos to watch, these guys were responsible for the need to totally reinstall the server on three separate occasions! The videos, well one will say do this, the other will say do the opposite. So much for that idea fella's.

If you listened to the audio you already know that they simply wanted admin so they could do as they pleased, this is not how an admin works a server and we’ve all seen power tripping admins. This won’t work with us. Rus makes claims that we are control freaks, darn tootin princess’s, we won’t tolerate ignorance so we eliminate it. That’s called control.

The conduct here is completely out of line and not something that will be tolerated in our community. I wish them luck in finding a group they can be more at home with. But, considering that they mention being kicked off of other servers they might have a hard time given their current attitudes.

If you click on the above thumbnail you can have a look at the PayPal transaction where Rus was refunded for the server cost, plus the extra. Server cost was £42.00 for 3 months, he was refunded £47.00. Any statement about being ripped off is an out right lie!